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12 BEST German Restaurants In Toronto | German Cuisine At Its FINEST

Without a doubt, Toronto is one of the best cities to visit and there are a ton of things to do and see there. This includes the CN Tower, the Casa Loma, and the Royal Ontario Museum.

Let’s not forget about the Toronto Islands, which is popular among those looking for great beaches to visit.

Other top attractions include High Park, the Art Gallery of Ontario and the Saint Lawrence Market, but do bear in mind these are only a handful of the dozens and dozens of attractions in Toronto.

Not only is the city home to top attractions, but it is the place to be if someone wants to indulge in shopping and entertainment.

There is no shortage of places to shop throughout the city, nor is there a shortage of entertainment options. From boutique shops to well-known big name stores to specialty stores, there is something for everyone, regardless of their age and taste in things.

Let’s not forget about restaurants, especially German restaurants. In fact, there are many German restaurants and/or restaurants that have German cuisine on their menus.

With that said, if anyone is a fan of German food, then make sure to read on because below is a list of some of the best German restaurants in the city of Toronto.

The Best 12 German Restaurants In Toronto

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With so many German restaurants in Toronto, finding the best ones can be a bit of a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, there are 12 great restaurants that are worth checking out.

Below is a list of the best 12 German restaurants in Toronto, starting from the best one and working down the list to the least popular one.

Without any farther ado, the top restaurants ranking from the best to the worst are as followed:

12. Barnsteiner’s

Why people love it: The best thing about Barnsteiner’s and why people love it so much is the food. It is known for serving delicious and authentic German dishes.

Not only that, but the staff members are friendly and very attentive, which will enhance a customer’s dining experience. Besides that, there are a number of people who are fans of the wines and beers that are served there.

Prices: Prices are more than fair at Barnsteiner’s. They are considered an average-priced restaurant, so it’s suitable for those who are not looking for a very cheap restaurant, nor a very expensive one. People who are looking for great food at a great price will love it here.

Address: 1 Balmoral Avenue

11. V’s Schnitzel House

Why people love it: People love the fact that they can grab lunch or dinner at V’s Schnitzel House. Besides that, the restaurant is a small family-owned business and that is another reason people enjoy it.

It offers people a laid back atmosphere among a comfy setting. However, it is the schnitzel that seems to drive people to the restaurant.

The prices are not that bad either. The dishes are generous too. The bottom line is that guests at this restaurant will enjoy a great meal at a great price, and they will feel welcomed.

Price: Average

Address: 448 Brown’s Line

10. Little Bavaria German Restaurant

Why people love it: The Little Bavaria German Restaurant has been around since 1965 and there is a good reason for that. The menu consists of German favorites such as steaks, pork chops, an array of desserts and schnitzels to name a few.

The bottom line is the menu has many German dishes, wines, beers and more. People also love it here because of the overall cleanliness of the place.

The environment is usually cheerful and it is easy to think one is in the center of German while dining here. Let’s not forget to mention the photos antiques and German instruments that can be found throughout the restaurant.

Price: Average

Address: 3222 Eglinton Ave. East

9. Otto’s Bierhalle

Why people love it: The two main reasons people love it here is, the amazing service and the fabulous food. The food is authentic, fresh and the menu is constantly changing.

It is the perfect place to go for German food, as well as for great tasting drinks. If a diner is interested, then they can order other types of European cuisine, especially cuisine from Central Europe.

The overall vibe is another thing people rave about. Guests will love the upbeat, yet laid back vibe of the place. It is also the ideal German restaurant for those with big groups, so feel free to bring everyone you know to it.

Price: Average

Address: 1087 Queen Street West

8. Schnitzel Hub

Why People Love It: Many German restaurants in Toronto only serve lunch or dinner, but that isn’t the case with the Schnitzel Hub. The restaurant serves both of those, but people can also stop by for brunch.

Regardless if it’s lunch, dinner or brunch, people are huge fans of the menu and food. This is the German restaurant to be for those who crave authentic tasting German cuisine.

Not only that, but people love it because the restaurant staff takes a personal approach to how they do business. They honestly care about each and every one of their guests. Best of all, their meals are created from scratch and guests can easily tell.

Price: Average

Address: 1415 Yonge St

7. Vienna Fine Foods

Why People Like It: Vienna Fine Foods serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The lunches and dinners are superb, but if someone is after a great German breakfast, then this is the spot for them.

If that wasn’t impressive enough, it’s worth pointing out that this is one of the cheapest places to eat at, regardless if it’s dinner, breakfast or lunch that someone is ordering.

As for service, people have no complaints about it and there are a few people who have mentioned how fast they received their order and that they would definitely be visiting again.

Price: Cheap

Address: 1050 Birchmount Road

6. Schnitzel Queen

Why people love it: The schnitzel sandwiches, schnitzel plates, and the beer are the top reasons people love and can’t get enough of the Schnitzel Queen. In fact, guests can find everything from light beer to dark to classics.

Furthermore, after every keg, the staff cleans out the lines and this plays a role in why the beer tastes delicious. The menu is affordable too. Not only that, but people love the menu options. This is one of the main reasons people return to the Schnitzel Queen week after week.

Price: Cheap

Address: 211 Queen Street East

5. Bread & Butter

Why People Love It There: Schnitzel is the main reason people go to Bread & Butter week after week, but the goulash and the cabbage rolls are extremely popular here too. Another reason people can’t get enough of Bread & Butter is because of the welcoming environment and the comfortable vibe.

The prices aren’t that bad and usually, people have no problem at all getting a seat. Do make sure to note that this restaurant is more of a cafe than anything else, but it is worth the trip from anywhere.

Price: Average

Address: 507 Mt Pleasant Rd

4. Tennessee Tavern

Why People Love It There: The food is the primary reason people love this place, and with dishes such as Hasselback potato and chicken wings paprikas, it’s no wonder why people can’t get enough of the Tennessee Tavern.

The cocktails menu is equally impressive and appeasing, but one of the things that make Tennessee Tavern unique is sometimes it has live entertainment. If German food is what a person is after and if they want to dine while watching live entertainment, then they’ll want to check out the Tennessee Tavern.

Price: Average

Address: 1554 Queen St W

3. Impflmeier Bakery

Why people love it: Don’t expect to find full-course meals on the menu here, but nonetheless people still flock to this top bakery. The cafe is set in a cozy atmosphere and the team are friendly, knowledgeable and they are respectful of their customers and this is another reason people like to eat there.

The baked goods are fresh and the bakery is open every single day of the week. The service is known for being fast and the selection of foods is impressive and it is sold at a very cheap price.

Price: Cheap

Address: 26-36 Advance Road

2. ZIBA Berlin Doner

Why people love it: The menu is what one would expect to find at a German restaurant, but there are a few things that make ZIBA standout, such as their dishes include offerings that have been handcrafted. Only quality ingredients are used in each dish and they provide a great deal of comfort food to their guests.

They also have signature creations available, and this is another reason people enjoy going there. The food tastes good, the beer is good and the people are friendly, so it’s no secret why ZIBA ranks among the top 12 best German restaurants in Toronto.

Price: Average

Address: 1608 Queen St E

1. Stadt

Why people love it: Last on the list is Stadt, which is a casual restaurant that serves a range of dishes, including numerous German dishes. For those who are gluten-free, they’ll appreciate many of the dishes there because the restaurant offers a number of gluten-free dishes.

There is an open kitchen there, and the staffs are well-trained and the environment has a good vibe to it. For those looking for a nice dinner among a comfortable setting, then they should head over to Stadt to see what it has to offer.

Price: Average

Address: 3011 Dundas St W

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