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12 Best Greek Restaurants In Toronto | Top Picks 2019

Greek immigrants have been moving to Toronto for more than a century. It’s the city with the highest concentration of Greeks in the country.

This has led to a number of incredible restaurants in the area that serve Greek food or have a strong Greek influence. Toronto is also home The Danforth, which is also known as Greektown.

This is a large commercial and residential neighborhood that served as one of the early settlement areas for Greek immigrants. Greektown has dozens of Greek restaurants and people travel from across the country to sample what’s on the menu.

The food in Danforth is so impressive that a massive food festival is held each year. People travel from across the country and sometimes from the other side of the globe.

It lasts for 2 and a half days. It’s the perfect opportunity to experience one of the many great Greek restaurants in the area a well as some authentic Greek culture.

Best 12 Greek Restaurants In Toronto

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Whether you’re traveling to Toronto for the festival or you’ve lived there your entire life; you need to take the time to visit at least a few of the local Greek restaurants. Here’s a list of the 12 best Greek restaurants in Toronto.

1. Mezes

What Is It: A small Greek restaurant that’s known for using family recipes that have been passed down generations. The atmosphere is lively and the food is served quickly. It’s a great spot for lunch or dinner.

Why People Love It: Eating at Mezes feels like you’re eating at home with friends and family. As a matter of fact, this is a very popular Greek restaurant for events and family gatherings. The authentic recipes, fresh ingredients, and delicious aroma make this the best place for Greek food in Toronto.

Price: Average

Address: 456 Danforth Ave Logan and Danforth Toronto, ON M4K 1P4

2. Estiatorio Volos

What Is It: An upscale Greek restaurant that’s actually not located in Greektown. Volos puts a modern twist on nearly everything from the décor to the menu. It’s one of the few fancy Greek restaurants available so be prepared to pay a little more than usual.

Why People Love It: Estiatorio Volos isn’t afraid to take chances with their menu items and they always pay off. It’s a unique culinary experience, yet it still has strong roots in Greek culture and cuisine. And since it’s an upscale restaurant you can expect exceptional service the entire time.

Price: Expensive

Address: 133 Richmond Street W Toronto, ON M5H 2L3

3. Souv Like

What Is It: A relatively new restaurant that has become extremely popular with the Greek locals as well as customers who just love Greek food. It’s tucked away on the strip in Greektown and could easily be missed if it weren’t for the enchanting aroma escaping from its doors.

Why People Love It: The success of Souv Like all boils down to their authenticity and attention to detail. People who know what a great gyro really is or who have plenty of experience with souvlaki are going to love Souv Like. Their low-price menu items certainly help as well.

Price: Bargain

Address: 708 Pape Avenue Toronto, ON M4K 3S7

4. Fat Lamb Kouzina

What Is It: A Greek kitchen that has mastered the art of takeout food. Their menu is simple, their hours are limited, and their food is great. Fat Lamb Kouzina is a very popular destination for lunch during the work week.

Why People Love It: They somehow manage to keep prices at a minimum and speed at a maximum while using authentic imported ingredients and family recipes. Fat Lamb Kouzina almost seems too good to be true. The small size of the restaurant and the simplicity of the menu are actually reasons that people return.

Price: Average

Address: 874 Yonge Street Toronto, ON M4W 2J1

5. Athen’s Restaurant

What Is It: A casual Greek restaurant that throws out the menu and brings customers to the kitchen. The chef prepares a variety of dishes every day and then customers are brought into the kitchen to choose what they would like.

Why People Love It: The unique atmosphere at Athen’s Restaurant is what attracts a lot of customers time and time again. It’s probably the only restaurant where you have to go into the kitchen and meet the staff before you make an order. You’ll be glad that you did because the food is incredible and you can see it up close and personal when in the kitchen.

Price: Expensive

Address: 707 Danforth Avenue Toronto, ON M4J 1L2

6. Messini

What Is It: A hip Greek restaurant that’s open late all week long. Messini is well known for their gyros, which some people argue are the best in the city.

Why People Love It: The gyros at Messini’s have developed a serious following over the past ten years. Messini also has fairly long hours, which makes them very popular with the younger generation. While whether or not they have the best Gyro in Toronto is debatable, they certainly have the best gyro that you can order at midnight on a Saturday.

Price: Average

Address: 445 Danforth Avenue Toronto, ON M4K 1P2

7. Square-Boy Drive-In

What Is It: Forget McDonald’s and Burger King. When it comes to getting delicious food in a timely manner, Greek is the way to go. Square-Boy Drive-In is easily one of the best fast food Greek restaurants in town.

Why People Love It: It’s affordable, it’s fast, and it’s delicious. It’s easy to see why everyone absolutely loves Square-Boy. They are also open late on most nights. This makes them a popular “munchies” destination after a late night at the bar or club.

Price: Bargain

Address: 875 Danforth Avenue Toronto, ON M4J 1L8

8. The Greek Grill

What Is It: A Greek eatery that specializes in authentic smoked and grilled meats. They spend the entire day smoking lamb, pork, and chicken. Their massive smoker is just outside of the restaurant and the aroma can capture a customer a mile away.

Why People Love It: This restaurant clearly specializes in grilling delicious meats. After all, it’s right in their name. They never disappoint; whether it’s a classic like lamb or something with a twist like grilled calamari. Everything is grilled or smoked to perfection every time.

Price: Average

Address: 128 O-Connor Drive Toronto, ON M4J 2S4

9. Mamakas

What Is It: An upscale Greek taverna with a surprisingly relaxed atmosphere. The restaurant is designed to resemble an open market. The kitchen is open and you can watch them prepare seafood caught that day with ingredients imported from the Mother Country.

Why People Love It: The atmosphere and the menu work together perfectly at Mamakas. There are plenty of traditional classics like spanakopita as well as a few items that aren’t quite as well-known. The food is always prepared fresh for every dish right down to cutting vegetables to order.

Price: Expensive

Address: 80 Ossington Avenue Toronto, ON M6J 2Y7

10. Paralia

What Is It: A casual Greek eatery situated near the coast. Paralia specializes in preparing fresh seafood delivered from the Aegean and Mediterranean. Visiting Paralia is a must if you love authentic Greek seafood.

Why People Love It: The seafood prepared at Paralia really manages to stand out compared to the local competition. The fish are shipped fresh from the Mediterranean sea and then displayed on ice before they are prepared. The location happens to be excellent as well.

Price: Expensive

Address: 1681 Lake Shore Blvd E Toronto, ON M4L 3W6

11. Windfields Restaurant

What Is It: A lovely restaurant that serves home-cooked food with strong Greek and Canadian influences. The price is acceptable and you can eat here for breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner.

Why People Love It: The fusion of two different flavors can be a great thing. That’s exactly what Windfields proves. Their food is classically Greek with a lot of familiar Canadian flavors. It’s obvious that every dish is chosen carefully and prepared with precision.

Price: Average

Address: 801 York Mills Rd Toronto, ON M3B 1X7

12. Soula’s

What Is It: A fancy Greek restaurant that doesn’t specialize in one specific Greek region. You’ll find dishes traditionally made all throughout the country.

Why People Love It: The menu at Soula’s is very diverse. Not only in terms of what food is available but the price as well. They have the traditional staples you would expect from a Greek restaurant with a few unfamiliar Greek dishes that people love all the same. It’s definitely a great choice for an adventurous eater.

Price: Average

Address: 500 A Danforth Avenue Toronto, ON M4K 1P6

The Best Of The Best

There you have it. These are the 12 best Greek restaurants in all of Toronto. If you love Greek cuisine, then you owe it to yourself to try each and every place on this list. And once you’ve finished these there are at least a dozen more that are worth trying as well. Just start your journey in Greektown and eat your way out.


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