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The BEST 12 Fast Food Restaurants In Toronto | 2019 Top Picks

When it comes to cosmopolitan cities, Toronto is on the top of the list. The provincial capital of Ontario, with a population close to three million, has a melting pot that includes a large variety of people and a large variety of restaurants.

Fast food restaurants are favorites of lots of people due to their affordable prices and the ability to get food fast. However, lots of typical fast food options are considered “junk food” void of nutrition.

However, the best 12 fast food restaurants in Toronto offer delicious, nutritious food at affordable prices. Keep reading to learn about these restaurants

12 of Toronto’s Best Fast Food Restaurants


Picture of best Toronto Fast Food Restaurant

1. Seven Lives Tacos Y Mariscos

What is it: Seven Lives Tacos Y Mariscos is known for one thing – tacos. However, what makes a taco restaurant known for its great tacos is the ingredients they use and the way the tacos are cooked and presented.

Why people love it: Seven Lives is a small place known for being crowded and having long lines. However, folks don’t mind due to the superior way the tacos tastes. It’s the kind of restaurant that people across Toronto are familiar with.

Price: Bargain

Address: 69 Kensington Avenue, Toronto, ON M5T 2K2, Canada

2. BBQ Express

What is it: BBQ Express is one of those fast food restaurants that is a small take-out place where you don’t eat in, but order and go! Great for grabbing tasty fast food to eat in the office, at home, etc. BBQ Express offers breakfast, burgers, salads, rice dishes, chicken fingers, etc.

Why people love it: People love Toronto’s BBQ Express because they can get good affordable fast food despite the business being in a pricey area. One of the most popular of BBQ Express is their Bulgogi Burger with Fries.

Price: Bargain

Address: 1240 Bay Street, Toronto, ON M5R 3A7, Canada

3. Micha

What is it: Micha does not have a website, but nevertheless, it’s one of the best 12 fast food restaurants in Toronto. It’s found in a path next to the Sheraton hotel. Micha is known for tasty breakfasts, such as breakfast sandwiches and homemade muffins, as well as lunch options of salads, pasta, and more.

Why people love it: For those who are familiar with Micha, it is loved because you can get tasty food at an affordable price. It’s one of the Toronto spots that offer a bargain even though it’s situated in a pricey district. Micha is a great place for business people on the run who are looking for great tasting fast food.

Price: Average

Address: 123 Queen Street West, Hotel Concourse Level Toronto, ON M5H 3M9, Canada

4. Salus Fresh Foods

What is it: The goal of Toronto’s fast food restaurant Salus Fresh Foods is to give its customers not only good-tasting food but also healthy food. To do that, they go to farmers and seek only the freshest ingredients. The food is prepared without fillers or preservatives.

Why people love it: People love Salus for how healthy and fresh the food is, as well as the cheap prices. They also love it because they can create their own meal by choosing toppings, cheese, protein, dressing, and more.

Price: Average

Address: 25 Carlton Street, Unit D, Toronto, ON M5B 1L4, Canada

5. Smoke’s Poutinerie

What is it: Smoke’s Poutinerie has many locations in Canada as well as some in the United States. The location on Adelaide Street West is one of the 12 best fast food restaurants in Toronto. Their specialty is poutine, a Canadian dish that originated in Quebec, that traditionally is cheese curds and French fries with a brown gravy topping.

Why people love it: Smoke’s Poutinerie’s is known for not only offering the conventional poutine, made with fresh hand-cut fries but also alternatives. One of their popular poutine dishes is made out of pulled pork. Other options include chicken, vegetarian, and more.

Price: Average

Address: 218 Adelaide Street West, Toronto, ON M5H 1W7, Canada

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6. The Burgernator

What is it: Unlike other fast food burger joints, The Burgernator prides itself of offering burgers that are a step above the norm. Instead of the typical fare of overcooked meat, processed cheese, and bland toppings, The Burgernator presents quality burgers at a fast food price.

Why people love it: Toronto residents and visitors love The Burgernator for burgers such as their Atomic Burger that includes an all-beef patty, tomato, lettuce, sun-dried tomato, and deep fried herb crusted cheese.

Price: Average

Address: 269 Augusta Avenue, Toronto, ON M5T 1M5, Canada

7. Palm Lane

What is it: Toronto’s Palm Lane offers creative salads and grain bowls at an affordable price that you can get fast. The method is to order at the counter and then the order is brought to your table. Take out is also available.

Why people love it: Toronto residents and guests love the variety where you can choose over 80 ingredients to pick from for the salad and grain bowl options.

Price: Pricey

Address: 55 Avenue Road, Upper Level, Toronto, ON M5R 3L2, Canada

8. Original Gyro Grill

What is it: The Original Gyro Grill is known for its handcrafted gyros as well as its other delicious foods including Greek salads and desserts such as Baklava made with phyllo pastry layers, almonds, walnuts, and honey syrup. The food is prepared quickly and the prices are affordable.

Why people love it: The Original Gyro Grill is loved by customers because it’s the place to get great tasting Greek food fast and at an affordable price.

Price: Average

Address: 547 Danforth Avenue, Toronto, ON M4K 1P7, Canada

9. Freshii

What is it: There are salad joints and then there’s Toronto’s Freshii. It’s where you can get some of the most creative salads around and at an affordable price. Customers can also get fresh breakfast food, such as breakfast burritos, as well as burritos, wraps, bowls, etc. for lunch. Freshii has a variety of locations, including its location on Spadina Ave.

Why people love it: People love Freshii due to the healthy food made available. Bowls are some of the favorite food choices at the restaurant.

Price: Average

Address: 140 Spadina Ave, Toronto, ON M5V 2L4, Canada

10. Rudy

What is it: When you’re looking for a good burger at a cozy place, Rudy is the place to go. Their Little Italy location offers a quick bite on your lunch break, on a Saturday, etc. It’s a well-known neighborhood location that is a burger favorite. The place is called “Rudy” because its goal is to present food with no pretension.

Why people love it: Rudy is a favorite of the neighborhood because of the all-beef burgers, including the cheeseburger known as “The Rudy.” Customers also rave about the “Rude Dude” which is their double cheeseburger.

Price: Average

Address: 619 College Street, Toronto, ON M5V 2C5, Canada

11. Who Tone Bistro

What is it: Who Tone Bistro, located in the Promenade just 30 minutes away from Toronto, is a full-service restaurant that offers fast food at affordable prices. The food is authentic Asian and it is created with locally sourced produce. Customers can watch the chefs prepare the food in the open kitchen. These are Asian Fusion dishes that Toronto residents and guests love.

Why people love it: People love Who Tone Bistro for its location in the Promenade mall because it gives them an opportunity to get fast Asian Fusion at good prices. The menu is not only diverse but unique. The food is available for both lunch and dinner. Lunch prices are average with dinner prices on the pricey side.

Price: Average/Pricey

Address: 1 Promenade Circle, Unit 135, Entry 3, Thornhill, ON L4J 4P8, Canada

12. Nutbar

What is it: For those who want 100 percent organic fast food, Toronto’s Nutbar is the place to get it. It’s known as a superfood snack café, or a healthy coffee shop, located in a fancy basement space. Customers can get homemade almond, cashew and coconut milk. Goodies such as cakes and scones are available, as well as popular chia bowls, avocado toast, and more.

Why people love it: People love Nutbar because not only does it offer 100 percent organic fast food, but the food is delicious and affordable. Nutbar is especially important to Toronto residents and guests who put a prime focus on their health and on what they put in their bodies. They want food that is fast, but they want it to be 100 percent healthy.

Price: Average

Address: 1240 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON M4T 1W5, Canada

If you live in Toronto, if you’re visiting Toronto, or if you’re in Toronto on business, and you’re looking for a quick meal, try one of these best 12 fast food restaurants in Toronto.

They are exceptional because they do not represent typical fast food. The food is prepared quickly, but the ingredients are fresh, nutritious and creative.

You can consider these restaurants “hip” fast food that is quick to get, but good for you at the same time.


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