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The BEST 12 Fish Restaurants In Toronto | 2019 TOP Picks

There are people who believe that the best seafood restaurants are in towns next to the ocean. Toronto is the perfect example of why that is not true.

They may not have as close access to supply as other cities, but they still have some of the best seafood restaurants in the world. This is thanks in part to the blending of cultures throughout Toronto.

Many restaurants order their seafood fresh from their home region. One of the best Greek restaurants in the city brings in fresh fish from the Mediterranean and leaves it on display on ice until use.

These types of moves show that these chefs are dedicated to honoring their roots, which means many of their seafood restaurants are spectacular.

If you have a trip planned to Toronto and you love seafood, then you need to be prepared because the sheer number of restaurants in the city can be overwhelming.

That’s why we’ve decided to help by preparing this list of the 12 best seafood restaurants in the whole of Toronto.

Best 12 Seafood Restaurants In Toronto

Picture of Toronto and Best Fish Restaurant

1. Rodney’s Oyster House

What It Is: An extremely popular oyster house that’s been a Toronto-favorite since the late 1980s. It can be found near the Entertainment district west of the famous Spadina Avenue. Their prices are decent and they keep serving oysters until midnight on some days.

Why People Love It: Award-winning oysters combined with some of the city’s best bread, soups, and lobster. This is a dream restaurant for oyster connoisseurs looking to experience the best that Toronto has to offer. Once you find a place like this that serves the perfect oyster you’ll keep coming back for the rest of your life. Just ask any of the customers who have been returning regularly since 1987.

Price: Average

Address: 469 King St. W Basement Toronto, ON M5V 1K4

2. Buster’s Sea Cave

What It Is: A small lunch counter in the historic market building. Buster’s is easy to miss if you’ve never eaten there before. But as soon as you try one of their famous lobster rolls you’ll never forget where their stand is.

Why People Love It: It’s a small restaurant with a lot of charm. It’s always noisy, chaotic, and packed with people. All of this actually lends to the experience. They deliver delicious seafood cooked fresh and on-the-spot for every order. It’s the only lunch counter in the market building that does this. One of the best places for a quick lunch break when you’re in the area.

Price: Bargain

Address: 93 Front St E Toronto, ON M5E 1C3

3. Pearl Diver

What It Is: The second coming of a local seafood and oyster bar named Starfish. The building and the menu have been improved. It’s now one of the best places to get seafood in the entire territory.

Why People Love It: The new design is sleek and cozy. The entire atmosphere is far more casual than Starfish, which is a huge improvement. When you step inside you can tell this a great place to relax, eat some seafood, and drink a few beers. They even sell a bear that’s made with real oysters. It shows a true dedication to the craft.

Price: Average

Address: 100 Adelaide St E Toronto, ON M5C 1K9

4. Sea Witch Fish & Chips

What It Is: A lot of seafood restaurants in the area focus on perfecting the oyster and everything that comes with it. Sea Witch takes a break from the traditional and instead focuses on perfecting fish & chips. It’s safe to say that they are very close to perfection.

Why People Love It: They serve the city’s best fish and chips for a surprisingly low price. It also turns out that everything else on their menu is pretty great. It’s easy to overlook this restaurant at first because of its location and size, but you’ll be glad that you didn’t.

Price: Bargain

Address: 636 St Clair Ave W Toronto, ON M6C 1A9

5. Joso’s

What It Is: An upscale seafood restaurant frequented by the rich and famous. It’s a family run business that has nearly four decades of experience in Toronto. Its d├ęcor has caused a bit of controversy over the years, but it’s all part of the charm.

Why People Love It: When you want to eat great seafood among the upper echelon, then you visit Joso’s. It’s a hot spot for celebrities like Mick Jagger and Drake. It’s also the perfect destination for big events or anniversary dinners. Joso employs some of the best chefs in the country and its evident in every flawless dish that they produce. It’s going to be an expensive dinner, but it’s going to be worth it.

Price: Super expensive

Address: 202 Davenport Rd Toronto, ON M5R 1J2

6. Honest Weight

What It Is: Half seafood restaurant and half fish market. The menu at Honest Weight changes every day according to what seafood they have fresh at the time. You can buy your seafood there and cook it at home or eat it at the restaurant.

Why People Love It: The combination of market and fish restaurant make this a very convenient pit stop. You can enjoy fresh, imported seafood cooked on the spot and then take a few fresh fish home to cook yourself. The selection is impressive and it changes every day. There will often be a few rare fish thrown into the mix. You can enjoy unique meals not sold regularly at other restaurants.

Price: Average

Address: 2766 Dundas St W Toronto, ON M6P 1Y3

7. Fishman Lobster Clubhouse Restaurant

What It Is: A combination of Chinese cuisine and seafood with a Hong Kong twist. Their lobster Hong Kong style attracts brave eaters from across the territory. This restaurant is always packed during lunch and dinner so make reservations ahead of time.

Why People Love It: Fishman combines incredible seafood dishes with artistic plating styles. The server brings out live lobsters and crabs for you to choose from before making your order. The restaurant’s most popular meal is easily the lobster in Hong Kong style. It’s a delicious, oozing tower of lobster and scallions that everyone needs to have at least once.

Price: Expensive

Address: 4020 Finch Ave E Toronto, ON M1S 3T6

8. Taro’s Fish

What It Is: A seafood market and restaurant that specializes in raw fish dishes. The sashimi is a must try, as are the scallops and clam. All of their fish is incredibly fish and on display.

Why People Love It: People come to Taro’s because they want fresh sashimi at a decent rate. You can choose from a huge variety of fish and even have them create platters that you can eat on the spot. It’s a very popular destination for party hosts and event planners who want to serve sushi to their guests. The service is surprisingly fast for their small size and their prices aren’t terrible either.

Price: Average

Address: 800 Sheppard Ave E Toronto, ON M2K 1C3

9. The Captain’s Boil

What It Is: A brave restaurant that brings the famous seafood boil to the middle of Toronto. It can be a bit difficult to find tucked away behind a few larger stores. Every meal comes in a plastic bag with a bib and a pair of plastic gloves. No utensils though.

Why People Love It: The people who love the Captain’s Boil are the people who aren’t afraid to take a chance and get dirty. There aren’t many restaurants where you’re given a plastic bag of food that you’re supposed to dump out and eat with your hands. But once you commit to the madness that is boil, you can enjoy some of the most delicious seafood you’ve ever tasted.

Price: Expensive

Address: 476 Yonge St Toronto, ON M4Y 1X5

10. The Chase Fish & Oyster

What It Is: A casual seafood eatery that isn’t afraid to serve a few non-fishy items. The restaurant may have a casual atmosphere, but the menu is still expensive and the food is very upscale. It’s a great combination as long as your wallet is prepared for the hit.

Why People Love It: The variety in the menu makes this a great restaurant for large groups. The people who don’t love seafood can enjoy the steak, chicken, or any of the other meats served. Everyone else can enjoy some of Toronto’s finest fish. The wine selection is a bit limited for a restaurant of this caliber, but the variety of cocktails available is impressive.

Price: Expensive

Address: 10 Temperance St Floor 1 Toronto, ON M5H 1Y4

11. Market Street Catch

What It Is: A relatively new fish restaurant known for serving big portions at a small price. The owner is the same person behind Buster’s Sea Cover, which is another incredible seafood restaurant in the city.

Why People Love It: Market Street Catch is working with all of the elements required to have a top tier restaurant. They have fresh ingredients, a diverse menu, a calming atmosphere, and a very nice price. It’s a very informal atmosphere, but still leaps and bounds ahead of fast food competition. It’s worth trying the crab cakes, fish and chips, and fish tacos if you can’t decide what you want.

Price: Bargain

Address: 14 Market St Toronto, ON M5E 1C3

12. Oyster Boy

What It Is: Another restaurant that specializes in serving amazing oysters. Oyster Boy stands out from the competition by selling fresh oysters wholesale and by importing oysters from all over Canada.

Why People Love It: Oyster Boy provides oyster-lovers with the perfect nautical experience. The sheer variety of oysters available is very impressive. Most of their oysters are sourced from different parts of Canada. You’re likely already familiar with some of them, but you’re almost guaranteed to find something new and exciting if you visit regularly.

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